About two months ago, one of my friend's sister approached me with a commission for a crocheted jacket she had seen floating around the web. She wanted it in mustard yellow and sleeveless, to wear all year round.

I was excited to take on this project for a few different reasons:
  1. It was a welcoming break from the daily knitting I had gotten used to;
  2. It would be a quick project;
  3. It would be something new to try out;

Although the project itself has not been as complicated as many of my previous knit projects, I did encounter some hurdles, starting with the yarn. I had to actually order four different types of yarn from four different brands, in order to finally find the right color to work with. The other yarns were much off from what was advertised online, with the colors appearing too vivid in real life. I returned most the yarn, keeping a few that I thought would be fun to use in another project. The search for the right yarn took me about a month, before I was finally able to get started.

The jacket itself has been a fun project. Worked in the round, I adopted the now popular "mandala" pattern that we can easily see online. However, where most circular jackets are crocheted to offer a wavy-like collar, I wanted this piece to resemble more a classic vest, rather than an over-the-top bohemian attire. Hence the collar has been reworked to lay flat, with a mock "rib" pattern. I have a few more rounds left to work on the edges, before the piece can be worn.

If you too would like to work with me, please shoot me a message at kalietacoshop@gmail.com, and we can talk shop!
You can follow the end result of this project on my dedicated instagram account @kalietaco.

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