With Hurricane Harvey hitting the south east of Texas, we had some rains here in the North Texas. I find rainy days to be perfect for soups, naps and lazy afternoons. Craving for some kimchi, I decided to venture to an asian market. The closest Asian markets are located in Haltom City, about 15-20 minutes from downtown Fort Worth.

Before venturing into the grocery store, my friend Rumi and I decided to go for a bowl of Phô, since we were already in the Vietnamese quarter. We entered the doors of Phở Thiên Ý, which we hadn't had the opportunity to try out before. The locale is a bit shabby, but it is never a reason enough to deter me from trying out the food.

The menu was brought out quickly to us. At first glance, there were plenty of items on the menu to choose from. Maybe a bit too much, as it got hard for us to make up our minds. I finally settled for a Spicy Beef Noodle soup, whereas Rumi went for a Chicken Tight Phô. I also ordered the classic Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk.

The food took a little while to come out. Once it did, we noted that the bowls were beautifully presented. However, that was all that we found exciting about this meal. The soups had an odd smell emanating from them. I wasn't sure what that was. We nonetheless dived in, putting aside our concerns. My soup wasn't spicy at all, despite its name. The noodles had been cooked beforehand and stored, and as such most were hard in constitution, as if under cooked. That threw me off. The beef also was questionable. Rumi's also had hard time with her Phô. We decided to just sip on the broth, before calling it quits. The coffee, which in my opinion, should have been a hit, was also a miss. The ratio espresso to condensed milk was off, making it a bitter brew.

We didn't stay long in the restaurant, and left as soon as we had paid. I had never been this disappointed about soup before, and despite the high reviews online, I will not be coming back again. There are things in life one should not flop, and poorly cooked noodles in an Asian restaurant, are definitely the one.

Phở Thiên Ý
5310 E Belknap St, 
Haltom City, TX 76117

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