It seems like I have been living in a bubble, unaware of all the excitement a trip to the famous 85C Bakery Cafe could bring. It wasn't until a month or two ago, as I was chatting about desserts and Asian food with two of my Asian friends, that they mentioned this bakery, which I had read about on some blog a while ago, but was not really familiar with. My friends talked about how much they love visiting this bakery. I, of course, didn't pay much attention to it, as I had in mind a classic American style bakery, loaded with sugary pastries. Anyway, I was wrong.

An impromptu trip up to Richardson, TX led me to this little beauty of bakery. I usually fear the hype, as people tend to over glorify things that are just okay if we are honest, but I must say that 85C Bakery was everything but. In fact, the moment I stepped in, my eyes could hardly keep up with all the beautiful pastries carefully displayed behind glass. I later learned that this was a Taiwanese chain, and that this year, they are celebrating their 1000 stores around the world! With that comes a 15% discount on your purchases.

Even though i could hardly resist all the beautiful pastries displayed in front of me, I decided to take it slow, and only order a few different things to try, in case I might be disappointed. I was not. Everything I had ordered, was delicious. The cakes were not too sweet, and all were very airy. It was like eating dessert on a cloud. It was 8PM when I got there, and yet, the place was oozing with customers, and fresh bread was being made every 5 minutes. You could tell that this is a very popular spot among the Asian community. I wish they would open a location in Fort Worth! So far, there are 3 locations in North Texas, all an hour at least away from me. Despite this little sad fact, I am so ready to drive back there just to fill my tray with more goodies, and try the rest of the menu!

85C Bakery Cafe
400 N Greenville Ave #9, 
Richardson, TX 75081
Hours of Operation: 7AM- 12AM

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