This year I chose Simplicity as my key word to live by. Since we are almost in April, I thought it would be a good point to look back at how I have managed to live by my word of the year so far.

So far, I...

Cleaned out my closet.

I actually do that at least twice a year, reevaluating the pieces that I own. This year was no exception, and I thought it fit quite well with my goal this year. So I got rid of clothes, shoes and accessories I have not really been wearing/using. They will be of better use to someone else I guess.

Have not shopped at any clothing stores.

This was not intentional, I just found myself avoiding the clothing stores I usually shop at as well as their websites, which has resulted in a sort of clothing shopping ban. Interestingly enough, I haven't felt like I have been missing on anything, and I have been wearing more of the few pieces I have now in my wardrobe. It makes it easier in the morning, and laundry is also becoming a breeze, for sure.

Reduced the number of containers.

Somehow I ended up with so many food storage containers in my kitchen, that they were falling off the shelves when I opened the doors of my cupboard. So I bought some bins to stack the ones I need/use on a regular basis and got rid of the rest by either a) throwing away those that were pretty old or lacking a lid, or b) giving away to friends with some homemade food/dessert in them.

That has been it so far. So what's next, you ask?
I have noticed that I have been grocery shopping quite often these past few months, without really eating out everything that I have in stock. You know how it goes, you need eggs and milk, so you go to the store to get only these two items, only to find yourself walking out with a cart full of things that you really could do without. Or is it just me? Anyway, you get the picture. So I want to change that. I want to clean out my fridge and pantry and start from scratch. I want to make the month of April the one where I don't do any grocery shopping (even if it's for the eggs!), instead focusing on creating menus from what I already own.

Another thing I want to simplify, is my yarn stash. I have like four boxes of yarn I accumulated over the past two years and which need to be used up before I go on another shopping spree. However, I know I will have to buy some new yarn pretty soon, as I ran out of yarn for a pullover I started back in February. That being said, after I replenish on that stock, I will go on a yarn-shopping strike. I hope it will force me to a) get creative with the stash I already have, and b) cut my spending in that regard.

These are so far my two big upcoming sub-goals. I hope it goes well! I will check-in again in June!

How are you doing with your New Year resolution(s)? Encountered any hurdles? What are you looking forward to accomplish in the next two-three months?

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