March is slowly slipping by and the days are now officially getting longer and longer. This of course has prompted me to venture more outside, get back into running and snap pictures on the go. Over the past two weeks, I have been going over my photographs which sadly stay hidden in my hard-drive. I do try to upload them here, on Instagram and also on my Flickr accounts, but still, it is quite easy to forget about that photo you once took and wanted to turn into a printed art.

Samples of my currently available prints for purchase.
Speaking of printed art...A while ago a friend of mine had asked me if I was considering selling my photographs. I thought about it, and although the idea was quite appealing, I soon filed it away in my brain and went on with life. Fast forward to these past few days, I have been thinking about actually going for it. For those of you who have been reading me for years now, you probably remember that at one point I had created a Society6 account with the hopes of selling my artwork. Well that didn't work so well as I haven't had as much time to sit down, draw/paint and then prepare the artwork to be uploaded for prints. But with photographs, it is an easier endeavor.

So if you have been loving my photos and wanting to acquire a print for yourself, well, now you can. I don't expect to make much out of this (earning between $1-$4 per print - depending on the size and not including the frames), but that is not the point. I hope that by offering you the opportunity to acquire some of my prints, you will get to enjoy it every day in your home or office. And if you really like what you see, helping me out by sharing my page with your friends and family would mean the world to me (of course, no pressure!). I will update you on new items that will be available for purchase from my page, so as to help you keep up with the shop. Also, if you have any particular requests (say you saw  a photo on the blog that is not available for purchase), shoot me an email or leave a comment and I will get back to you!

Check out/Buy my prints: Kalieta & Co.

Thank you for your support!

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