There is something magical about this simple word. So many possibilities in terms of toppings and flavors! Wouldn't you agree? I find pizzas to also hold their magic in the way they connect us, as humans. You can hardly eat a whole pizza by yourself, which is perfectly fine as it makes for a great food to share with loved ones!

Picture this: you and your loved ones sitting at the same table, laughing over something someone said, while immortalizing this moment with a hot slice of cheesy goodness.That makes for some great memories, doesn't it?

Although I love homemade pizza, I love to see what new flavors local chefs come up with. Today, I'd like to share with you my 4 favorite pizza spots in Fort Worth, in no particular order.

Thirteen Pies. Guanciale and Farm Egg pizza. Photography by Mei-Chun Jau.

$ 12-15 | Address: 2949 Crockett St, Fort Worth, TX 76107 | Website:
Located in the Cultural District area, Thirteen Pies is a popular upscale pizzeria offering gourmet pizza. The ambiance of this little gem is very uptown-chic with a business-casual dress code.  The pizzas are baked in their stone oven, and the menu changes seasonally. I love that the pizza is thin-crusted, and the flavors are probably the best surprise of all. If you go with a friend, make sure to order two pizzas, as one will leave you somewhat hungry (unless if you get a second dish or a salad to complement the pizza).

Mellow Mushroom. Maui Wowie pizza.

$ 11-28 | Address: 3455 Blue Bonnet Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76109  | Website:
Although it is a chain, Mellow Mushroom makes for a great place to get your pizza fix. The menu is pretty colorful, offering toppings which might seem unusual, if not strange, until you actually try them. My favorite pizza to order is their "Thai Dye" pizza. One large pizza will suffice to feed a group of three or four.

Taverna by Lombardi. Margherita pizza. Photography by Sydney.

$12.50-16.50 | Address: Sundance Square, 450 Throckmorton St, Fort Worth, TX 76102 | Website:
Located downtown, Taverna was probably the first pizzeria I ever ate at when I moved to Fort Worth. I have been a customer there since my first slice of pizza. I love the ambiance of the locale, and especially their house wine, which is discounted during their happy hour ;) Besides pizza, Taverna serves great brunch and has fantastic happy hours (if you haven't guessed already). They are also known for their risotto - although I have yet to try it! Bring a friend or two and enjoy their stone oven pizza (one pizza is enough to share between two people), and a dish of calamari for appetizer!

Cane Rosso. Photography by Cane Rosso.

$11-16 | Address: 815 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104 | Website:
A bit different, Cane Rosso, located in the Medical District, offers its patrons wood-fired Neapolitan pies. The pies are designed for one person, so make sure to order two or three if going out with friends. The toppings and the dough are just right, and make for a great dinner date!

* All the prices listed are for pizzas only. Doesn't include appetizers or other items available on the menu. For a more detailed price list, please visit each location's website.

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