It is no secret that I love Instagram. It is by far my favorite social media app and I can spend hours on it browsing wonderful accounts. As such, I am always on the lookout of new accounts to follow (don't hesitate to drop your handle in the comments for me to check you out!), and for some daily inspiration through others' view point of this world.

Why redesign?

Recently however, I have been wanting to redesign my Instagram account, make it a little bit more consistent in terms of colors, and photos shared. I just want it to be as appealing and as welcoming as let's say Annie's Instagram account, or Varvara's, or Rosie's or even R's - to name the few. Right now, I feel as if my account doesn't have a color theme, drowning in shades of dark. I want to bring back some light into my posts. Although I love seeing all "white" Instagram accounts, I know it is not me. I want a clean space, that will be inviting to all. I want a feed that reads in my favorite neutral colors, with blacks, white, gray, tan and marble.

I found it a bit easier to achieve a cleaner look on my second account, Kalieta & Co, and now I want to reproduce learned lessons onto my main account. I am still deciding on whether to completely wipe out my account and start fresh, or just build on what I have and move forward. I am leaning more towards the second option, as I feel my photographs tell my story over the past years. I might do some clean up here and there, but overall I want to keep my favorite moments alive.

So what I want my Instagram to tell?

I want to continue sharing my food cravings, my trips and travels, my daily sneak peaks with you as I go by my life. I want to continue to invite you into my home and my adventures, and share the moments with my loved ones through the portal. But I want to make it more organized.

The Game Plan.

I think for starters, I need to workout on a streamlined color-processing of my photographs, so that they appear harmoniously side by side. I also want to develop an editorial calendar (which I need to also apply for SNB if I am being honest). That will hopefully help me be more picky about what photos I share and really strive for great content.

Are you too, interested in improving your feed?
Do you have any tips on improving an Instagram feed? 
What do you look for on Instagram? 
What was your journey like if you decided to "revamp" your space? 

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