Ah TV. So many shows on these days that I sometimes forget to catch up on some good old shows. Well good thing that now everything is online, and with services like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video... it's easy to just go back and catch up on the things one might have missed. This week has been spending catching up on the now discontinued TV Show "The Network" (why HBO, why?), and starting over with Once Upon A Time.

Speaking of Once Upon A Time, I am currently re-watching Season 1 and am on episode 13. As I was watching it, I started noticing all of the knitwear that is being featured in this show, and you can guess how excited I got. So the nerd that I am, I started looking up online for some patterns and surprise, surprise! there are some currently available. This gave me an idea about a new series I might explore on this blog, that is of knitwear on TV.

The idea is to share with you some interesting (to me) knitwear designs as seen on TV and hopefully with a matching pattern. This should help me create a repository not only for myself, but also for anyone into knitting that might be interested in some patterns.

Because I started talking about Once Upon A Time, here are some knitting patterns which I crushed on while watching Season 1, and which I'd love to reproduce sometime!

Which ones are your favorites?

Knitwear on TV - Once Upon A Time
Mary Margaret's laced hat in S1E13. Similar Pattern here (free). I'd recommend using a kid mohair and/or wool blend yarn in lace/fingering weight and very small needles.
Knitwear on TV - Once Upon A Time
Emma (free pattern) and Mary Margaret (patterns: here ($3) and here (free)) both wear adorable cable knit beanies in S1E14.
Knitwear on TV - Once Upon A Time
Seems like Mary Margaret (Snow White) has inherited all the beautiful hats of the show! Here is another lovely beret from S1E15 (free pattern).

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