knitting a sweater
These past few weeks I have been wanting to get into knitwear design. This desire came to me as I was knitting over the holidays and wanting to build a functional knitwear wardrobe for all the seasons of the year. Rather ambitious, I know, but it's something that has been slowly growing into a certainty, as a truth waiting to be revealed.

To be honest, I kind of jumped into this, by picking up some yarn I had laying around from before the holidays and I just started knitting it up, thinking I would make a traditional sweater to wear to work. It took me three balls of yarn before I realized that I didn't have a clear pattern that I was following with a finished outlook in my mind. Then, as I paused to think about the outcome, I ran out of the main color. Too lazy (and really trying to use up all my yarn currently in stash), I then decided to make it a two toned sweater.
knitting a sweater
sweater and yarn

And that's how I found myself trying to design my very first sweater.

So far, I know how I want the colors to fit on this sweater, and the little details that will be on it. I want it to stand out, without being too odd. It might not turn out to be a sweater I'd wear over a dress or a skirt, but I can imagine it clearly paired with jeans over a blouse or shirt.

I am also now keeping a knitting journal. I might share it with you once this sweater successfully hangs in my wardrobe. Basically, in it I sketch my ideas for this sweater, making notes as I go regarding the pattern I am slowly shaping (i.e., type of yarn used, color combinations, needle sizes, number of stitches cast on...).  I hope to learn to design unique pieces and why not, write patterns that can be shared with others interested in a design. I love learning something new, and designing a sweater is really forcing me to think about different aspects of knitwear I haven't really thought of before.
knitting sweater sleeves

I am now in the process of knitting both sleeves. I hope to have this project wrapped up by the end of the month. As for learning to design knitwear, I think it will be a much longer endeavor than that.

Here is to learning something new this year.

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