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Like many of you, I love buying and reading magazines. Despite the possibility to now be able to subscribe to the digital magazine, the old fashion magazine on paper has more appeal to me. Every month there is thus a new issue that gets conveniently delivered to my door. I will be honest with you, I don't always get the time to read them all. They just stack up on the shelves, slowly turning into decorative pieces.

Considering that I want 2017 to be the year of simplicity, I have been slowly downsizing the contents of my apartment (nothing too drastic). I began with my closet, which is always the easiest place to start the purging. I honestly set aside any item I have not worn in the past year, only leaving in pieces that are used on a more regular fashion. One thing led to another, and I soon stood in front of my pile of magazines, wondering what I could possibly do with them.

I had a few options: 1) I could just put them into the recycling bin, 2) I could donate them, or 3) I could just tear out the pages I wanted to keep and throw away the remainder. I knew I didn't want to throw these magazines away, and from past experience, reselling them would not really be worth the trouble. I did however want to preserve important to me information without damaging the magazine itself. So what did I do?

scan magazine pages

Scan the Pages.

If you only need one page in the whole magazine, there is no need to keep that magazine around. Since I didn't want to physically damage the magazine, the next best way to preserve the content that mattered to me was to scan each page. I use a lot scanner apps on my iPhone to scan, file and organize my documents. I recently switched up from the iScanner app to the Tiny Scanner app. Both are good, but what I like about Tiny Scanner is the ease of organizing and filing my scanned documents. I can easily email them to myself or better, use my Dropbox, or Evernote accounts to store everything I need online. Basically, I scanned each page that I wanted to keep to refer back to later, and compiled each issue into one PDF file named after the Magazine and the Month + Year of the issue (just in case). I plan on backing these up on my external hard drive too, so as to ensure not to lose a copy. I know this seems like a bit of work, but I personally find it to be a good way to reduce the clutter.

What to do with old magazines?

What to do with old magazines?

Donate the Magazines.

Once I will be done archiving all of my issue in a digital format, I plan on donating them. Why donate, you ask? Well, for one, it is an ecologically responsible thing to do. Second, by donating, you are basically giving the magazines a second life, as someone else can read them and pass them along before they are forced to be retired. Also, think of how many people would love to read a certain magazine but really cannot justify that extra expense that a subscription requires. By donating, you are thus also granting some wishes (and since this is a new year, isn't that good karma?). Plus, donating is really easy thanks to websites like Donation Town, which help you find local charities willing to pick up (at no cost to you!) your donations. You just enter your zip code to see which charities participate in the program, and then schedule a pick up. They don't just collect magazines, but other items such as clothes and books and household items to name the few.

What if your area is not eligible for pickup?

There are other ways to donate your magazines. For example, you could find a coffee shop perhaps, or a hospital waiting room, and offer them to take your magazines. you can also visit your local library, or donate them to schools or day care centers. There are so many places where your magazines can find a second home!

Additional ideas.

If you rather keep the magazines in your home, why not then turn them into stools? If you feel crafty, and adventurous enough, you might even consider upcycling your magazines into home decorations.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to give those old magazines a new purpose. Don't let them occupy vainly space in your home, only to collect dust.

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