Knitting Oversized Sweater

I promised to update you on my progress in knitting my oversized sweater. If you follow me on Instagram (@kalietaco), you probably saw me unraveling the whole thing, after I came to realize that the sweater would be ginormous. The pattern provided by Sasha on her blog wasn't very well written, which did not help in the realization process. The measurements, which I guess translate to an M size, were way off. It could of course be due to the yarn difference, and the tension I use when knitting. Either way, it didn't turn out as I had imagined it.
Knitting Oversized Sweater

Take Two.

If there is one thing you ought to know about me is that I am very stubborn. When it comes to accomplishing goals, I will get right to it even if I have to repeat the process multiple times until I can reach the desired result. Of course, in the case of this sweater, I didn't give up. I did however ditch Sasha's instructions (after realizing that even by downsizing the number of stitches, I was still way too off), for a better option. I purchased Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop book, which explains how to measure a sweater to get the proper fit. The sweater used as an example was more fitted to the body, and I wanted a somewhat an oversized one. Also, the workshop proposed to knit a yoke (a shaped pattern piece which forms part of a garment, usually fitting around the neck and shoulders), which I decided to skip at least this time around. I want this sweater to be as basic as possible.
Knitting Oversized Sweater


Originally I wanted the sweater to be of considerable length, to cover at least my buttocks. However, the present sweater should be of standard body length. That said, I did add some extra stitches to make it a bit oversized and not too snugly to body. I want this to be a cozy piece, one that I can wear when the temperatures really drop down.
Knitting Oversized Sweater


So far, this sweater has been pretty easy to make (after all the necessary math had been performed). The only challenge I have encountered was to assemble the arms onto the body. I found myself unraveling twice around the arms area, before getting it right. The key, is to lay flat all the pieces and to count all the stitches to make sure they line up perfectly. I am also using lots of stitch markers! On a bright note, I have used less yarn for this sweater than I had originally planed when trying out for Sasha's pattern. I will account for the final number of yarn used when I am done knitting the whole thing. The sweater should be completed by tomorrow the latest, in time for the cold front. 

There will be one last installment for this sweater knitting series, where I will share some more tips and show you the end result. Let's hope it comes out nice!

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