After months of high temperatures, the weather has finally turned. The cold front came sweeping into town, dragging along rain. As I checked on my weather report for the day, a no-rain window presented itself. I went strolling around my neighborhood, just going around two blocks and back, my camera in hand. The air was crisp - but not as crisp as on a winter morning. The roads were wet from all the earlier rain, and the trees were dripping off with the remnants of some raindrops. The overall mood was picturesque, complemented by the morning quietness that usually sets in before the world is fully awake. I stood somewhere between two streets, pondering on this feeling of well-being, wondering if this year's winter will be late to arrive, and grateful for the prickling sensation of the cold against my bare skin. 

At last, it seems, sweater weather has arrived.
And this is what winter looks like so far around here.

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