Two thousand sixteen has been by far a very spontaneous year for me. At multiple times I found myself just jumping on the wagon, ready to see what would come of it.  I am glad I did.

Every year I have my friends over during the Thanksgiving period, which is amazing but also heartbreaking when I suddenly find myself in an empty apartment, which was filled a few days/weeks ago with laughter, bickering and lively conversations. It is during moments like this that I want to rewind the time, and jump back in the comfort of having my loved ones around. 

Perhaps it is the post-Thanksgiving blues that prompted my impulsive purchase. I can just remember checking out the flight prices for Minnesota, and booking a round trip. A crazy thing to do, especially if you know you'll be heading to much more colder parts of the country. Of course I didn't think about that, only focused on reuniting with my dear friend Natsumi. 

The flight was pretty short. I landed at 9AM and was welcomed by low temperatures and so much snow! It was a nice change from the fall-like winter we're currently experiencing in Texas. Bundled up, I just wanted to jump in all the snow and make snow angels. Instead the weekend was spent driving to Mall of America - the biggest mall of the whole USA, where we shopped, window shopped, and had some wonderful margaritas and giant (volcano) nachos at Margaritaville. The nachos were not bad, but the serving was a bit too much for two people. The margaritas however, were excellent. We ended up having en encore.

We also got to go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra play. It was my first time seeing them on stage, and Natsumi's fifth. The effects were wonderful, and the stage impressive. I was however a bit disappointed by the repertoire of songs they chose to play. There were some new songs and remakes which were more synthesized rather than rock. After an hour, I was ready to go home. I guess I am not very much into synthetic music. However, the show was beautiful, and I did not leave completely disheartened.

Margaritaville //
Mall of America
344 East Broadway, Space E344,
Bloomington, MN 55425
Telephone: 952-800-4422 | Website

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