It's been a knitting bonanza for me lately. I currently have four projects going on at the same time! I know - crazy! New projects imply shopping for yarn. Recently I placed my very first order with - a website dedicated to all things knitting. From what I understand they are just an online re-sellers which partners with yarn shops around the world to bring you all things knitting you might ever need. It's a good concept, as I often need to buy yarn brands from Russia, Sweden and so on, and the US does not carry these specific brands. Of course there is the wait time that needs to be accounted for when placing your order, as items are often shipped from Europe. 

With a good price tag (the welcome 15% off didn't hurt either) and very lovely colors, I got swayed into buying a few balls of the Just Yarn yarn. The yarn came in nicely packaged in a mesh bag, the colors true to what I'd seen on The yarn itself is very soft, it would probably make good baby items. It is a 50% wool 50% acrylic blend,  and each ball weights 50g/1.75oz and measures 80m/131y. However, so far the biggest disappointment has been with the "ply" weight of the yarn. It is qualified as a chunky/bulky yarn weight, but to me it seems more of a DK (light) weight. Which makes me question if the website only goes by what is written on the yarn ball to catalog its yarn. This can be very problematic if one needs a specific weight for a specific project, as you might end up with something else altogether. 

That said, it is still a beautiful yarn and deserves a lovely project! I started working on a hat in white. The yarn is very pleasant to work with, despite it not being heavy enough. The hat will most likely not serve for the low winter temperatures, but might come in handy for the current fall-like weather. So really, not everything is lost. Side note: I tried to look up the brand online to see of any recommended patterns for this yarn, but to my demise, nothing turned up. I assume that the yarn company which produces these lovely balls is a small local one and they do not have a website/don't specialize in pattern making. I guess I'll just have to get creative!

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