Knitted baby bear hat

Happy day after Christmas! I hope you all enjoyed time with loved ones! My Christmas was very low key this year, when compared to last year. It turned out to be more of a staycation than anything else. I did do a lot of cooking though and mulled some wine for the night (I am still drinking the left overs, but shuuut). 
This picture contains yarn, a cup of tea and a swatch
Knitting baby bear hat

The day after Christmas, is always so peaceful. Everyone tends to get up late, the air is light, and there is this quietness that just lingers over town. I took a walk at the sun rise, just to stretch my legs and breathe in the fresh air. When I got home, I just cozied up in front of my cup of tea, the last season of Downton Abbey on the screen and took up to knock up a quick project. Remember the wool blend yarn I had ordered not so long ago and which wasn't exactly what I had in mind? Well, I ended up finding some use to it... in a baby hat.

Knitting baby bear hat

Knitting baby bear hat
I used the Camel color for this project. Because the yarn was fairly thin, I doubled it. The beanie didn't take long to knit, roughly one episode of Downton Abbey. I did make it to fit a 3-6 months old baby, and have decorated it with two baby years. Can't wait to see my best friend's baby wearing it, when he comes of age.
Knitting baby bear hat

Knitting baby bear hat

I am now considering making a bunny version for a newborn. Such a fun project!

How are you spending your day?

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