Knitting Oversized Sweater
Knitting Oversized Sweater

The pattern for this sweater can be found on Sasha's blog.
The internet is a pure gold mine. I have previously expressed my desire to knit a sweater, but wasn't really sure on which design to tackle first.  Yesterday, as I was killing time on Tumblr, I came across this beautiful oversized coral sweater (pictured above), which led me to the blog of Ukrainian blogger Sasha. The pattern, which Sasha offers free of charge on her blog, is minimalist and from first look - pretty easy to follow. I happened to already have some super bulky yarn in my yarn stash, and so I decided to give this pattern a go. So far enjoying the ride. 

The yarn I am using is Loops & Threads Cozy Wool in stone color, and  is a thick, chunky yarn made of  soft wool blend. In fact, the yarn is so soft that I just want to wrap myself in it. I am also using size 10mm circular needles for this project instead of the 9mm Sasha used in her pattern. There are no particular reasons for the use of this size of needles, rather than the mere fact that this is the only big size of circular needles I currently own. I might purchase more sizes in the future, but for now this will do. The pattern calls for 900m worth of yarn, which would be about 10 balls of this Cozy Wool yarn, two balls shorter than what Sasha used. Not sure if this information interests anyone, but I thought I'd estimate the final cost of this project, in case anyone might want to have a ballpark idea of a budget to allocate for such a project. At a normal price of $6.99/ball this project would come to cost roughly $70. However, if you buy the yarn on sale, it would come out to cost $40 ($4/ball x 10 balls). That is of course if one uses Loops & Threads yarn. Other brands can cost more or less, and differ in quality. The choice is yours.

I am not in a rush to finish this sweater, but at the same time looking forward to seeing the end result. As I am making progress with this sweater, I will be sharing photos and remarks on the whole process.
Knitting Oversized Sweater
Knitting Oversized Sweater
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