Happy first day of November!
The period between November and January is by far my favorite time of the year. It’s the period of festivities, of uplifted spirits, of hope, of wish-making and promises of beautiful moments.  This year we have yet to experience cold weather here in Texas, however, November offers many things to look forward to.
  1. Conquering week 4 of Kayla Itsines BBG program and starting on the  second 4-week round. I am so proud of myself for having actually made it this far. This time around the workout regimen is sticking, and I have been very motivated to get to the end of the 12-week program.
  2. Slowly perform a clean-up of SNB. I have been looking at past posts on the blog and feeling the need to delete them, because they no longer embody the spirit of this blog. This will be a long process, but I  think it is needed.
  3. Promote a more visual culture on SNB. I want to share more visually stimulating and inspiring posts around here. More photos, less words. Of course, if you’d like to see a certain type of posts - feel free to leave a comment.
  4. Friendsgiving. This year, I feel the need to gather all my friends under the same roof, before everyone leave home for the holidays. I am thinking about a pot-luck internationally inspired gathering of friends, a day before thanksgiving. I am already looking forward to the chatter, ideas to be exchanged, food to be shared and just relish in each and everyone’s presence.
  5. Thanksgiving. Because traditions matter, and my favorite girls are flying into town, and we will be once again gathering under the same roof with an amazing group of friends and family, to give our thanks and relish in the moment. 
  6. I am very excited to have my girls Vivi and Natsumi back in town. Seems only like yesterday we were all gathered in Stockholm for the winter celebrations.
  7. Food. What would a holiday season be without good food?

I really hope that the weather cools down a bit this month. Although I do enjoy the 88 degrees (F) weather, I am really looking forward to finally pull out my sweaters and breathe in the early morning cold crisp air.
Anything you’re looking forward to this month?

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