This is the second post in the Upstate Minnesota posts series. Read part one here.
After getting back on the road, we decided to map out our itinerary for the next couple of hours. First thing first was to find a place to have lunch. We wanted to experience the local food and interestingly enough this was not an easy task to accomplish. The fact that we were surrounded by private properties along Lake Superior and cottages, didn't really help. After a few Google inquiries, we ended up going to Larsmont Cottages for a rustic lunch. 

At first sight, the cottages look beautiful. Located in a somewhat retreated area boarding the shoreline, the cottages offer a beautiful rustic environment, complimented with an in house restaurant and grill space. Visitors can attend to either outdoors or indoors activities (i.e, wine and cheese tasting, fishing, snowshoeing, skiing...). For more of their offered activities visit their website.

Hungry, we headed straight to the restaurant area. It was well lit with big windows letting in the sunlight, and the massive wooden tables and chairs really made the whole place very welcoming. Excited about the menu, we began Natsumi's birthday celebrations with a glass of Mimosa each. The brunch menu wasn't really out of the ordinary. However, I quickly found myself disappointed when upon placing my order I was notified that they had ran out of that dish. I then opted for a lobster bisque, specifying for a bowl, since I was very hungry. However, once my soup was in, I was in for more disappointment. The bowl looked more like a cup, and it was not as tasty as it looked.  The service was also very slow. When asked if we could have the wine menu, the server told us that they didn't have any (meaning wines). I found that odd, considering that they had shelves upon shelves of wine bottles lining the restaurant/dinning room. All and all, we left Larsmont Cottages not quite satisfied.

Although we didn't really appreciate the restaurant's service and food, I think I would still like to give Larsmont Cottage another chance, and experience a full stay on site someday.

Larsmont Cottages
596 Larsmont Way
Two Harbors, MN, 55616
Phone: 866.687.5634

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