I go through phases of creativity. One moment I cannot get enough of one medium, and the next I cannot stand to even look at it. Right now, my big thing has become knitting. I haven't knit in years - I think the last time I picked a pair of needles was early in college years. Eventually I just got tired of it and decided to experiment with crochet - which was my main yarn outlet for a long time until recently. If you follow my new yarn-related Instagram account (@kalietaco), you might have seen some new accessories appear on it. I had forgotten how fun knitting could be! The fall season has generated a new desire to dive into more complicated knitted work: sweaters. I never tried to knit one, but I would really like to give it a go. I know it would be a long project, but I am nevertheless thrilled at the idea of stepping up in my yarn-game.

That said, knitting a sweater is not a light decision to be made. For one, it would be a pricey endeavor (but totally worth it!). Remember my cardigan? I spent about $60 in yarn to create it. The yarn wasn't very extraordinary as it was more of a summer garment. However, for this winter sweater I'd like to invest in really nice yarn. As such, I would really need to think this through in terms of budgetting. Secondly, there is always that risk of completely messing up and ending up with a piece that looks nothing like the pattern and more like an ugly Christmas sweater your long lost aunt might have sent you. Lastly, this project will require me to spend some time researching yarns, in order to create a unique piece that will last me for years and will look and feel great -  I think this will be the fun part.

These are the few patterns that have caught my attention and which I would really like to add to my wardrobe. I will probably start with the less intimidating one (#1 or #3) and then move to more detailed sweaters.
  1. Susan's Simple Sweater. The pattern is available for free. I would probably make the sleeves longer. This would be a great sweater to wear to work by itself or underneath a blazer.
  2. Lemongrass sweater. The pattern costs $6.50 USD. I love the buttons on the sides, which makes it a good fall sweater.
  3. The Raglan Sleeve Pullover. Another free pattern. This chunky sweater would look great as a boyfriend sweater worn over a pair of jeans or even leggings. I could customize it some more by adding some accents around the shoulders.
  4. Re-Use sweater. The pattern is available for free and features instructions in both English and Spanish. I just love the design.
  5. Sweater from Bohuslän. This pattern is not available for purchase individually, as it is part of a book. The Swedish Knits book can be purchased for roughly $24 USD on Amazon. I really love the details of this sweater. It's looks very warm and soft. Perhaps a cashmere yarn would be the best fit here?
I will of course be sharing more details about this project as I make my decisions and begin to work on it. If you have knitted a sweater in the past, please share your experience with me. It's always nice to get some tips!

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