I recently had the pleasure to visit The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA), while in Minneapolis. It was a bit of a surprise for me to find that the city had their own museum dedicated to Russian art. Being an art lover, as well as being emotionally attached to anything pertaining to the Soviet/Russian culture, it didn't take too much to convince me to make my way down to the museum. 

TMORA is a member-supported nonprofit organization dedicated to preserve and introduce all forms of Russian art and artifacts. It is the only North American museum of its kind, and as such features a dynamic rotation of originally curated exhibitions which enable its visitors to take on new perspectives on the history, heritage and art of Russia and surrounding cultures. The museum is housed in a thoroughly remodeled former Mayflower Church in south Minneapolis, adding more to the uniqueness of the locale.

We were welcomed by a very friendly clerk man, who seemed excited to have us discover the museum. We did stop by his desk multiple times to chat about the museum and its history. In doing so, we found that TMORA's founder owns the biggest collection of Russian Art outside of Russia - a pretty nifty fact in my opinion. It didn't take us long to tour the different galleries and be mesmerized by all the beautifully curated pieces. It is obvious that the museum prides itself on the quality of its pieces rather than the quantity. Although not very big, I really did appreciate the fact that the museum was not overwhelming in its content. It made the whole experience more intimate and thus unique.

We also loved the museum's gift shop, where I was awed by all the authentic Russian trinkets or large pieces one would usually find in Russia. Just like the museum, the gift shop was a pleasure to visit on its own, and would make a great stop for those in need of a good (and unusual!) gift.

 Overall I can say that TMORA was definitely one of my favorite discoveries of the Twin Cities. I am already counting down the days until I get to tour it again (and discover new pieces). Until then, here are some snaps of the locale, and a focus on some of my vary favorite pieces.
 The Museum of Russian Art
Website | 5500 Stevens Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, 55419 | Phone: 612.821.9045 | info@tmora.org
Admission Fees:
+ Adults: $9   + Seniors: $7    + Children 14 and up, and university students with ID: $5    + Children 13 and under: Free.    + TMORA Members: Free. 
General Visitor Hours:
+ Monday – Friday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm    + Saturday: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm    + Sunday: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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