It’s weird being here after such a long time. It seems like yesterday when I decided to go on hiatus, but funny enough it has been much longer than that. Four months to be precise. Isn’t that crazy? Where is time going?

As you know, originally I took the hiatus to focus on my finals. All went well, and I graduated with my Master’s degree in May. It took me a few weeks post-graduation to acquire a new MacBook (my old one died after an unfortunate water accident), but by then it was just nice to be lazy, and not having to worry about blog posts, assignments, or anything that required much effort. Because as much as I hate to admit it, and mostly because of my love of the digital world and the blogosphere, blogging can be exhausting. It takes time to prepare articles, from pictures to putting the words down. Honestly, I didn’t want to just put together a post to make my quota, considering that I am striving to be as authentic as possible here, and not half-ass things. Of course this just led to a more prolonged hiatus, where my days were filled with enjoying the daily life and binge-watching Suits on Amazon Prime or Marcella on Netflix (if you haven’t seen these show, you must!).

That said, one can only go so long living in the oblivion. I really did miss my little corner on the web, and more particularly sharing my experiences with all of you here. So here I am. A little bit later than I hoped, but it’s ok. I have already prepared a fresh post for you to air tomorrow, while I am in Dallas participating in my friend Lyna’s birthday weekend celebrations. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!


It’s good to be back!

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