Plants make me happy.
Perhaps it is the memory of me playing in my grandma’s garden every summer in the 90s, or is it of her tending to the garden? Perhaps it is the memory of my mom’s love of plants, always growing something in front of our Douala apartment, or constantly bringing in new plants to decorate the rooms. Perhaps it is the combination of all those memories, added to others, that make me giddy with excitement, while at the same time bringing me so much comfort.
All I know is that plants make me happy.
One of my dreams is to have so many plants in my home that when one comes in, one suddenly feels transported out of the city, far far away. Of course this dream will have to wait a couple of years, until I am done moving around, until I have a home of my own (not a rental) and can let them grow freely around well designed rooms. 

When I started my indoor gardening project, it was just to test my hand at growing things. Plus, I figured it would add some life to my minimalist apartment. I have since gone beyond the garden, and introduced two new plants to my home, as well as a new herb (rosemary).

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have caught a glimpse of my latest acquisition. I originally went to Lowe’s to purchase some dirt to repot all my current plants. Of course one thing led to another, and they had a good sale going on on pots and plants, and how could I ever say no to that? I had a few criteria for picking my plants, among which: they needed to be year round plants, they would survive in low lit rooms,  they wouldn’t need much caring, and they would help purifying the air. So i settled on a Dieffenbachia and a Dracaena, as well as bright red pots to add some color to my mostly white apartment.

It seems like a little nothing at all, but seeing my apartment housing some extra life, makes it more welcoming and more lived-in. And that - that makes me happy.

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