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Hello There,

It's been a bit quiet around here these past few days. If you remember I had mentioned the need to get an oral surgery. Well that happened on Friday, and then I was at home resting and recovering. I must say the procedure sounded more scarier that it actually was. My oral surgeon was so good that it barely took half an hour to remove two of my wisdom teeth. Most people who had undergone the procedure had told me that I would need to highly medicate myself because of the post anesthesia pain, and that I would need to lay off solid food for a good three days. I must say that I have been lucky. My cheeks didn't get much inflamed, I have yet to experience any pain (i did take some mild antibiotic as prescribed by the doctor), and I have been back on solid food after a day post-surgery. All and all, everything went well. I think my parents freaked out more about me getting an oral surgery that I did! I am still adjusting to the void created in my mouth though.

Besides my teeth, this past week has been quite quiet. We celebrated my boss's birthday, and I baked him a cake. I mainly worked on administrative things as well as a little bit of lab work. School is going well, with the familiar succession of lectures, assignments, quizzes to take. Today will be spent mainly studying. 

That's all the news around here. How have you been?


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