On Thursday morning my MacBook died, leaving behind an unresponsive black screen. At first I thought the battery wasn't charged, but then I realized the problem was much bigger than that. This happens at a very unopportunistic time, of all to be honest. With work, and school work constantly piling, not to forget the need to process photos and to create new content for the blog. On another hand, I haven't lost any of my data (extra backups everywhere!), and I should be grateful for that. It's sad, and quite ironic that I got so attached to my  innate possession. Now I am thinking about acquiring a new one. This might not happen within the next couple of weeks, but I hope to get it replaced within the next two or three months. I will try to maintain a somewhat normal blogging schedule around here - by using my work computer when time allows. 

That's all the news I have for you today.

Until tomorrow...

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