Remember when I was working on a cardigan? Well I finally got around to finishing it, and ironically it is now hot outside. I can always wear it indoors though, since my apartment tends to stay on the cool side during warm weathers, or I can just wait for fall to come around to make a real use of my new garment. 
This was my very first "big" project and I am happy to have finished it. The cardigan is quite heavy (I used bulky yarn) - perfect for cool seasons. The grey color is easy to match to my wardrobe and the 3/4 length sleeves allow me to wear it with long or short sleeve shirts, depending on how warm I need to be.
This project was a lot of fun, and I might attempt to make another cardigan in the near feature (new design anyone?). While working on this project though, there are a few things that I learned. Here are some take away points:
  1. Crocheting a cardigan is not as hard as it looks (I promise!). It just takes time. And A LOT of yarn! I think roughly about 10-12 balls of yarns were used for this project.
  2. It is not a cheap project. I must have spent  about $60 worth of yarn (most of which I got on sale).
  3. The whole process made me think more about the "slow-fashion" movement, which is all about reconnecting with our clothes, rather than viewing them as quick trends or throwaway items (Here are my favorite posts on the subject: 1, 2, 3)
  4. Crocheting this garment made me more aware of how I pick and choose my knitwear.
  5. There are many ways to crochet granny squares, and luckily, all roads lead to Rome. When deciding on my pattern (a solid granny square), I thought of the end product. I wanted a cardigan that would be solid, without too many "holes"; something I would wear mostly during cooler seasons. If you think you'll be wearing yours during warm seasons, a lighter version might be more appropriate for you.
  6. Always keep count of your loops. This proved to be very important in the end, when joining the sides to create the arms.
  7. Don't be scared to try new things. This pattern, although inspired by Maria Valles, has been tweaked to fit my needs and my vision. So don't be scared to do the same, not only will you have more fun, but also you would have created a completely new and unique item for your wardrobe!
  8. Crocheting a big garment of this sort is not a race against time. Work on it as long as you need, until you're done and happy with the end product.
  9. Have Fun with the process! From picking up the color and material, to drafting a design, and to actually working the yarn, have fun with it all!

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