To Saloon or not to saloon? That is the question.

While visiting San Antonio I stumbled upon the Buckhorn Saloon & Museum which also houses the Texas Ranger Museum. Feeling a bit on the wild-wild-west, I decided to leave the present behind and step into  one of the most historical places of Texas.

Having lived in the South and in Texas for many years now, I must say that I was very taken by the retro-look of this saloon/museum. It was very rogue and yet filled with so much history. If I had some doubts about how authentic this place would be, they all were replaced by my amazement at all the hings one could see. I really had the impression to have stepped into the far-west! I later learned that this place has been thriving for 131 years (!), having known the Prohibition era and what not.

Besides the huge bar that welcomes you when you step in, what drew my attention was all the wildlife featured on the walls (520 pieces total), and which apparently come from all around the world! Pretty impressive, uh? Over the years, the saloon has of course expanded, now featuring two museums. Upon my visit, I decided to skip the visit of the Texas Ranger's museum - being familiar with the Ranger's artifacts and stick to the open area of the saloon, and later to the gift shop.

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