And voilà, February is over. Just like that.

Do you take the time to reflect on each month? Assess what worked and what didn't? Figure out what you'd like to accomplish in the new month? Or do you just go through life one day at the time? Abiding by the moto “Qué será, será” (what will be, will be)?

Personally, I like to reflect a little bit on my life, as I go. Overall, February was not a bad month, I got quite a lot accomplished at work, even though I always wish I could have done more. As I am about to start March, I am renewing my resolve to do better. Eat better, take better care of my mind and body, create more, try new things, continue to work hard (school, work).

This past week has been a pretty relaxed one on my calendar. I procrastinated a lot (still managed to meet the deadlines!), I took time to actually workout, went plant shopping, had dinner (and breakfast) with a friend of mine, cleaned my apartment. Today I will study (have some assignments due), cook for the week, and do some yoga.

Got Any Sunday Plans?



  1. Philippa’s beautiful interior design sketches make me want to pick up my pencil
  2. 10 books for your best year ever
  3. I wrote a new short story: Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past.
  4. Anyone doing the Ultimate Reading Challenge?
  5. Did you know there is a right and wrong way to eat Chia seeds? I guess you live, you learn!
  6. Found a new favorite food blog! And so wanting to try Lady & Pups Bunker Crack Slurp
  7. It's been a while since my last chocolate cake. I saw Deb's everyday chocolate cake and now I want to bake some (help!)


  1.  As you have noticed, I changed the design of the blog. Was looking for a long time for something simple and pretty. I am glad I have finally found the perfect design! How do you like it?
  2. You may also have noticed the return of Disqus! Yay! I really couldn't do without, so now it's back and should make your commenting experience better.
  3. I have moved the Book Talk/Review category from this blog to my literary blog. I think it will fit better in my second home.

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