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Happy Sunday everyone & Happy Valentine's Day!

This week went by fast. It all started with a pain in the rear gums of my mouth which sent me to the dentist; fortunately the pain has now subsided. I have an appointment tomorrow with an oral surgeon to see what's the game plan regarding my wisdom tooth. Besides the tooth problem, I have had a somewhat quiet week spent conducting experiments in lab, finally sitting down to start the writing of my second scientific manuscript (the first one was published here last year) and catching up with my studies. I did take some time to go to the movies with A (we saw The Revenant) as well as go for a long walk with my neighbor Angie.

That said, I am just spending today studying, listening to NPR and eating my way through homemade pancakes. I hope I can take some time today to work on my creative outlets, especially short story writing, which I have sort of been neglecting for a while. I thought I'd shut down my short story blog and merge it to this blog, but after rethinking my decision, I decided to leave both entities separated for the time being.

PS: I have been having some issues with Disqus (some comments might have been lost in the process) and as such I have switched the commenting system over to IntenseDebate. Let me know if you prefer to use it over the native Blogger comment system. Thank you in advance!

What are you up to today?

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