Welcome to the fourth installment of our journey to San Antonio! If you missed  Part 1, Part 2  and/or Part 3 of our adventures, don't forget to catch up!

  Many moons later I am back to reminiscence on our weekend escapade (hooray!)! Previously we visited the cities of Hico, Llano and San Marcos before arriving to San Antonio, where the weather did seem very welcoming. It was Sunday morning, and we were starving. We had found refuge in a local Starbucks, stuffing ourselves up while outside it was pouring cats and dogs.

Eventually the rain subsided. Feeling satiated and fully awake, we decided to make the most out of our day in the city by exploring it. Our steps took us back by the River Walk but then we chose to leave the best for last and instead went walking around a little bit with hopes to find the Alamo.

We passed the "The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum" (on that more in another episode), and I tried to do a quick self-portrait in motion...

We also found ourselves inside of "Belgian Waffles" - a waffle house which also sells chocolates. However, having had a lot of chocolates on our way to San Antonio, we left the place empty handed. Everything looked quite tasty there, I hope to revisit it someday. After this brief stop, we walked some more, passing the Court House, the Guinness World Record Museum and finally reaching the Alamo (which will also be part of another episode).

 As you can see, a lot of walking was done in the city. We were determined to have a great day exploring San Antonio, despite the moody sky and the wet ground. It is amazing how much history lies in that city.

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