On Monday I finally got myself to the gym. It had been about two and half months? since I last entered its premises. All the hard work I had accumulated over the last year had been somewhat erased. I was very apprehensive to get back to exercising routinely, not sure if I could follow the pace. It was easy to put it off; creating excuses for not going to the gym had somewhat become a pass-time of mine. 

I think it is important to remind ourselves why we want to get back to workout. For me it was to get fit, tone myself up, and (maybe) drop an extra 5-10lbs. Since my last size drop, I have been on a stagnant. My weight has been fluctuating for a mere +/- 2lb, which is good and also bad. Good in a sense that all my hard work hadn’t been for nothing. I am still able to have a normal life (eat pretty much anything I want), but at the same time, the little running I do is clearly not enough to cause a shift.

Anyway, I knew I would not make it to the gym if I kept thinking about it and telling myself that “tomorrow would be the day”. I found that tricking myself by getting dressed in my gym clothes and rushing out of the apartment was the way to actually make tomorrow a reality. Tomorrow it will be a week since I started back on the more regular workout routine. 

I decided to give Kayla Itsines’ workout regimen another go. Last time, I had barely completed a month of the program, with two left behind. This time however, I am a bit more motivated as I set May 20th as my last day for the program. I am to graduate in May, and as such, I hope that it will serve me as a good motivator. Plus that is pretty much 12 weeks from now (give or take a few), the perfect time frame to get my training done. I want to see if I can survive her training and see as good of results as I have seen on her instagram account (aren’t they all impressive?).


Ok so, week one was rough. I knew it would be, but I somewhat forgot how terrible I would feel. On Monday I was very determined to get this done. I went into the gym and did her Legs & Cardio routine. Each routine is made of 2 circuits, which you are supposed to repeat twice under 7min time frame. Well let’s say I decided to tweak some things out - by not timing myself (but pushing myself to go as fast as I can). By the end of the workout my legs were like cotton. 

On Tuesday, I wanted to go for a run, but it was raining cats and dogs all day, and so I canceled my workout. My legs were bit sore, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Wednesday was rough. I woke up with extremely sore muscles from my Monday workout. It was painful to even walk. I will be honest, the amount of pain really made me want to quit. But I didn’t. Instead I went back for more. Wednesday’s workout was spent working on the Arms & Abs. Again 2 circuits, 2 times. I could feel my abs, and knew that that would be the next thing that would be hurting. My arms? eh, I didn’t feel like they had worked too hard. I did even add some weightlifting (which is not in the program), to get that sore feeling in my arms. Let’s just say, that there is a reason arms are the hardest to work with. Also, there is a lot of push ups involved in Kayla’s arms routine, and I am terrible at them. I did as well as I could, but I am not sure if I will get any better over time. I really admire girls who can do push ups.

On Thursday, I went for a long walk, as part of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State). I walked for about an hour (not to count all the walking I usually do for work). My abs were sore, my legs still hurt, but I felt more committed.

On Friday, I did the optional Full Body Workout. I wonder why it is optional, as I would recommend anyone to do it. Anyway, I went to the gym after work, and my friend Josh came along. As I completed both circuits two times, he told me to do one more round. It was hard. Doing the abs workout proved to be painful, because my abs were already sore. Knee ups exercises were also challenging, because I feared to lose my balance. And the worst of course were the Burpees. 

Today is Saturday, and it was rough getting out of bed. My whole body is sore. Laughing hurts, but I am liking this pain again. I might go for a run later today, to get my HIIT clocked in. Sunday will be dedicated to rest, and stretching.


This first week back to working out has been challenging, but I am glad that I made it. I am looking forward to start week 2, and to incorporate more HIIT training (running Tuesdays and Thursdays) and LISS exercises (Yoga, Walking). I also need to review my diet, maybe consider cutting off or at least down the sweets, and get back to drinking proteinated shakes as a meal replacement (especially on HIIT days). I will share the little changes I do over the course of this training period. Also, I have switched my gym time to night-time, instead of going early morning. I also run in the afternoons now.

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