During my last visit to New York City, I ended up purchasing some seeds for my indoor gardening project. My friend Josh teased me, saying that I was the only person he knew who went to New York City and only brought back some plant seeds. It made me laugh at the moment, and still does, because put it that way, it makes me look a bit...special? Not sure if it was the December air as I strolled through the New York Botanical Garden, or this idea that I got into my head that I could be a successful indoor gardener. Either way, I couldn't resist from buying some seed packets, to be planted upon my return home.

It has been very sunny lately here in Fort Worth, and as such I have been meaning to finally plant the purchased seeds. Today I finally got around to doing it. From the 3 packets of seeds purchased, I decided to plan 2: the Micro Greens spicy mix and the Slow-Bolt Cilantro. Both packets can be planted indoors. If the Micro Greens can be sowed all year around, Cilantro is best to be sowed between the months of February and September. As for the Basil, well it will have to wait a bit more before I can attempt at growing it. After all, it likes warmer weather, and we are not there yet.

I know it would probably be easier to just purchase the greens from my grocery store, thus avoiding the trouble of growing it at all. But I have always been fascinated with gardening, and having plants indoors, just boosts my morale. I would like to plant other type of indoor plants, such as ferns and ivy. But that will most likely be a project for another time. Plus trying to plant from seeds can give me some practice and perspective. I will be observing my little container and will post more pictures if and when this whole gardening thing succeeds. Hope to see some sprouts in the upcoming weeks! 

Have you tried your hand at some indoor gardening?

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