One of the reasons I chose my current apartment (besides its prime location) was that it has stained concrete floors. They are so beautiful and perfect if you ever spill something, or have pets around - as it is easier to clean them. All you need is a swiffer broom. However, because I have to mop the floors at least once a week (sometimes 2), it became a quickly expensive way to keep my floors clean (and I do love pristine floors!). A couple of months back I traded the swiffer wet pads for a sort of window pad - which I tweaked to work on the swiffer. It was all working well, except for the attachments that kept breaking off- prompting me to adjust them every time. 

A while back i bought some polyester yarn, which I used to make a basket, with two leftover balls laying around. Because I knew they were not going to end up as a nice garment, I decided to re-purpose them into a reusable pad for my swiffer that would meet 2 criteria: 1) it would be easy to put on and take off, and 2) it would be durable. The yarn I used was bulky, so I can expect this pad to last me for a while. Plus being able to wash it will make my bank very happy (bye bye wet pads!).

It was a very easy project, and I am not saying this just because I am a seasoned crocheter. Anyone can make one for themselves, really! Twenty minutes and one ball of yarn later, I had my newly reusable pad ready. Now looking forward to putting it to use!

Have you been working on any projects lately?

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