Dear ones,

This weekend I am taking time to recharge, do the things I love, such as read, post-process my photography, bake, catch up on TV shows...

Speaking of photography, I am finally getting around to process the myriad of photos captured during my summer trip to Ukraine. I can't wait to share them with you! There are so many landscape pictures which make my heart flutter - as they bring me back to a great time spent with my family but more importantly to my youth years spent running up and down the streets, going on long hikes, enjoying the bliss of summers spent swimming and counting the stars at night... Below is one of my favorite shots taken this past summer.
Earlier in 2015, I had decided to say yes to experiences, and I must say that I have done pretty well. I traveled to places (internationally and domestically), I embraced new challenges at work for me (training students, writing my first scientific manuscript...), I braved through my second to last semester of Graduate School, while connecting with people. There were moments of angst and stress - especially towards the end of the year, which caused me to take a hiatus from blogging as I was trying to keep up with life. As many of you, I was very happy to see the year end, as well as its struggles. 2016 has just begun, and I am optimistic about what is yet to come. There is something exciting about the unknown. Anything is anew, anything is possible. In terms of word of the year, this year, the word I picked to guide me is "Create". It took me a while to decide upon something that would resonate with me. After a year filled with experiences, I didn't want it to be the end of it, I wanted to continue on my journey of self-discovery and explore my potentials. Create resonates well with my desire to put more of myself out there, in the world. Whatever that means. I want to be more present and share this journey with you.

I haven't officially wished you a Happy New Year, so here it is, Happy 2016. May it be everything you wish for, and more.

Here is to Creating more,

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