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2015 came and went with its set of goals and projects. One project I particularly enjoyed participating in was the 12 Lists Project created by sisters Kate and Gillian. If you have missed the series, you can check the original posts on their blogs (here and here), as well as catch up with my entries from that time. This year, Kate and Gillian are bringing this project back, with the goal to, as always, get to know each other better, one list at a time. This month’s topic: make a list of things to be better at in 2016.
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Interestingly enough, I have already discussed with you my main goal for the year, through the word of the year ritual that I started last year - and which proved to be exactly what the doctor prescribed. This first list of the year goes along the way of New Year resolutions, and although I have stopped making them (to avoid breaking them), I think it is important to acknowledge what didn't work in 2015 and what I should be better at this year. So here it goes!

This year, I want to be better at:
  1. Finishing the projects I start
  2. Reconnecting with people through snail mail, phone calls...
  3. Cultivating compassion and mindfulness
  4. Challenging myself creatively
  5. Not being afraid to stand my grounds
  6. Living a healthy and fit life
  7. Reading more books 
  8. Creating beautiful memories
  9. Networking
  10. Establishing a good morning routine
I am on a long journey of self-discovery and I still have a lot of growing to do. I am optimistic of what 2016 will bring to the table, and I cannot wait to live all the adventures that wait to be lived by me.

What are you looking forward to be better at this year?

Check out Kate and Gillians lists, make a list of your own, share it on your blog, and be sure to submit your post to the link-up on Kate or Gillian's original posts (using #12lists2016 on social media).

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