Welcome to the third part of our journey to San Antonio! If you missed  Part 1 and/or Part 2 of our adventures, don't forget to catch up!
Pfiewww... seems like it's been ages since I began recounting about our escapade to San Antonio. Sorry for the delay, I got majorly sidetracked! In the previous chapters of this mini-series, we visited Hico as well as Llano. The night had caught us when we passed the exit for Austin and drove instead to San Marcos, where we hoped to spend the night. What we didn't know then, was that we had chosen the worst weekend to travel, as all the hotels were booked. It took us driving around and stopping at as many places we could, before we found ourselves a room in a small inn. At that point we were too tired to object and try to find a more luxurious place to crash at, and so we gave in. As soon as we had woken up, we checked out and continued towards our new destination: San Antonio. Since we had wasted time trying to get to Frederricksburg, we settled on San Antonio to mend our trip. And it was probably the best decision we had made of the whole trip.

Upon entering the city, the sky was grey and the weather anounced showers. But we were determined to carry on as if nothing was in our way. So we parked the car and decided to explore the city and what it had to offer by feet.

It was Sunday Morning and the city of San Antonio was still half asleep. It was a very peaceful walk, embracing the local architecture while breathing in the fresh air. We even saw a trolley, which reminded me of Molly The Trolley - our own trolley in Fort Worth.

We finally spotted a Starbucks around a corner, and it is with growling stomachs that we stepped in for some much needed morning fix.

And while we were indulging in some hot croissants, the rain finally broke outside...

... forcing us to linger around the coffee shop a little bit longer.


  1. San Antonio looks so pretty! I can really see that typical American big city architecture style in your photos. It must've been really nice to see it so peacefully.

    1. San Antonio definitely was something to see! I would really like to go back and experience it during warmer days. But because of the day and hour we landed there, it was indeed a peaceful morning experience :)

  2. Your images are beautifully on point, girl! That Starbucks baked good display... killer.


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