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It's been quite quiet around here this past month, hasn't it? I am sorry for that. I have been swamped with work and school that I have barely have time to relax, yet alone think about blogging. Three days ago I turned one year older (whoo-hoo!) and I have been thinking about what challenges I wanted to accomplish at the age of 27. I haven't completed all the tasks on my bucket list, but I have come pretty close! I have to admit that I am happy to see that I have accomplished a lot in the past year, and I cannot wait to see where 27 takes me! I will be thinking about a new bucket list throughout the month of July and will upload it here for you to view. This is also my very first July 4th celebration as an official US resident and as such, I have been full of new resolutions (hee-hee)!

 I have been thinking about this for weeks now and I finally decided to officially adopt a pen name for my online presence, so as to not conflict with my professional (online) presence. It will not be a new name, as I have used it in the past but have never enforced it. I plan from now on to blog, tweet and write my short stories (and novel/s) under the pen-name of Kalieta Kolomoets. I will keep my birth-given name for my scientific/professional career, so as to not mix the two. You are of course free to keep addressing me as Colette or as Kalieta (both names mean the same!). I will be working on re-branding all of my online presence in the following weeks.

That said, this shouldn't change much for you. The blog will continue to exist as is, with new contents to be added. I really need to work on a new blogging schedule. I still will be sharing recipes, talking more actively about good places to eat at as well as any new travels (among other topics). I also want to be more expressive of my opinions about general life/social matters, and I hope you will join me in reflecting on our world and life in general. I will try to see what works and what doesn't around here, but what would be awesome is to have your input too. So, if you don't mind me asking: what do you like about Skattered Notes? What should I keep, and what should I toss? You can post your responses below in the comment section or just drop me a line via email (if you want to remain anonymous to the public).

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer, and not letting work or the heat get the best of you. To all my American readers, I hope you are having a fabulous Fourth of July celebration!

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