Last time I introduced you to Alyse's BiteSizedFitness, which enabled me to lose around 13lbs in 12 weeks. If you remember, I then got sick (winter!) and sort of fell off my workout wagon somewhere in the beginning of Phase II. I then developed a bore for the exercises and have plateaued in my progress. It has been quite annoying, to say the least. On the good note, I hadn't gained any extra pounds, despite me splurging on desserts (I look at you, Twixx bar!). But something had to be done, especially since I really want to lose an extra 10lbs in order to reach my perfect BMI weight. The question then was, how was I going to do that?

Note: This post will be long. So please make yourself comfortable.

I am subscribed to the SELF magazine, which I love to read and get some health and fitness tips every month. I also love their newsletters which I receive on a daily basis in my inbox. This month, when I received my current issue, I was reading about this girl named Kayla Itsines who supposedly is performing miracles with her workout routine. So I checked out her instagram account to see what the fuss was all about before heading over to her website for her 12 week program for a Beach Body. Of course, my main goal when it comes to fitness still remains to get toned in my problem areas (arms, abs and tights) but that doesn't mean I wasn't intrigued. And because I had been in a rut and needed something new to get me out of it, I decided to jump right into it and try this Beach Body Guide (BBG).

So what is this workout all about?
According to Kayla, her 12 week program is supposed to give you a lean and healthy body if you put in the effort and stick with it. The BBG is made up of 3 styles of training, which are:
 Resistance training: it is a 28-minute circuit training session, and the exercises change from one week to another, increasing in difficulty as time goes by.
 Cardio training: the guide specifies that one needs to do cardio 3x a week. Kayla gives the option between a 45 Minutes LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) or 15 Minutes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), but other forms of cardio are also encouraged (spinning, swimming or any other cardio activity of your liking)
Rehabilitation (stretching)
The guide comes with a food guide too (which can be purchased separately from the 12 week BBG), to help you reach faster your fitness goals.

Today marks day 2 of week 2 of the program and I thought I'd share with you my first impressions.
At the first glance, week 1 didn't look too bad, if you don't take into account the push-ups (which I struggle with a lot!). Here is an idea of how things went for me during week 1:
Tuesday: I did Legs & Cardio. I didn't think it would be too hard, but I knew I would be exhausted afterwards. Boy was I wrong. The fact that Kayla has you repeat the circuits until the 7min timer rings off, was what got me. I left the gym sweaty and more than tired. But i also felt great. The next morning, rising up was a pain, but a good one, which I hadn't felt in a while. My legs were burning.
Thursday: I did Arms & Abs (mind you I was still sore from Tuesday!) and although the push-ups were the most challenging part for me, I managed to complete the circuits without much trouble.Getting up on Friday was very painful, as my abs were burning! My arms weren't really sore, but I think that must be because my push-ups weren't very well executed?
Sunday: The Full Body workout for week 1 was optional but I decided to do it anyway. My heart was racing like crazy throughout the workout with all the knee ups and burpees I had to do. 
I want to note that I decided not to follow the food guide prescribed by Kayla, as I didn't do it for Alyse. I just don't think I need it since I tend to eat pretty healthy anyway. For this reason, my results might differ from other girls who are actually following both the workout and the food guides. Also, during week 1, I failed to do any sort of cardio. I just didn't organize myself well enough to clock that into my schedule, but I plan on doing better in the future!

That said, my first impression of the guide is a positive one. The exercises are very intense for the short amount of time you spend doing them. I did however feel at times that I would need to add more weights or maybe another round of circuits. But since the difficulty of exercises is supposed to increase over the next weeks, I will just follow to the T the guides and then make note of any future modifications that I will need to make for myself. Now, the guide is pretty intense and for this reason is not designed for fitness newbies with no fitness base. That is why Kayla stresses that for newbies it is important to first build resistance 2 to 3 weeks before getting started with this routine. And I can see why! 

Here is a quick comparison I am seeing so far between Kayla's prorgram and Alyse's. I will reflect on my final thoughts regarding both programs in 12 weeks time!

Alyse Scaffidi’s BiteSizedFitness Program
Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide
Approximate duration
45min- 1hr
High, over the course of repeats.
High, within the first 7 minutes.
The first 24 weeks are free. The 360 degrees packet is for sale.
The first 12 weeks and any subsequent packets are all for sale.
Food guides?
Companion App?
Gym membership (unless if purchasing the 360 degrees packet which includes at home routines)
Dumbbells (3-5kg each)
Medicine Ball (6-12 kg)
Skipping Rope
1-2 Flat Benches
Kayla also offers a list of substitutions for the above required equipment on her website.

I hope you found this first impression post useful and instructive. If you  have any questions please post them in the comments or email me if you want to remain anonymous. I will be providing you with my honest opinion of my weekly workouts each week and hopefully some before/after pictures will also follow soon!


  1. It's inspiring that you are so motivated! I also want to take my exercise routine more seriously but sometimes I'm just way too tired. I've added iron and magnesium supplements to my diet and I hope that soon I'll be more in the mood to exercise regularly.

  2. Thank you, Anouk. I think what fuels me more is the fact that I have already made a big change in my lifestyle and I don't want to go back to my old ways. That's why I try new things and make myself go to the gym even when I don't really feel like it. I hope you find your own balance when it comes to exercising! Maybe you can start with 2 classes a week if you cannot motivate yourself to workout on your own just yet? I also find that having a good support system helps. Find a friend who wants to get back to exercising too or who is a fitness addict and workout together. This will force you to go and you can keep each other motivated and accountable... until one day you won't need to have someone beside you to actually want to go to the gym!

  3. Well, that's great to hear that you've made positive changes. It's true, it's all about just getting on with it!


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