For those who know me, or who follow me on social media, you know my unconditional love for tea. I drink it all day, every day (except for that first morning cup of coffee) and most of the time instead of water. I can easily go through a box of tea within a couple of days and for that reason I am constantly purchasing some. You'd think I run a side business which sells tea, for the amounts I purchase in stores!

A couple of days ago, I went out tea shopping. I came back with six boxes of different teas, three of which you might have seen on my instagram. I have been highly impressed by these new to me brands that I decided to start a tea review/ tea talk section. I think it will give me an opportunity to record for posterity all the good teas that exist in the world, and maybe inspire you to try some of them! 

When I reached for the Wissotzky tea box, I must admit it was first to admire its beautiful packaging. I loved the choice of colors, the intensity of the tea photography on the front of the box, the golden lettering, the little story of the company on the back of the box and some illustrated instructions on how to best enjoy this tea on the side (picture not included). I was further more excited when I figured out it was Russian tea! I mean, I guessed by reading the name on the box, but wasn't entirely sure (since there are so many similarities between Eastern European names). When I brought the boxes (yes, I got more than one) home and decided to try one of the tea bags, I was furthermore surprised (in a good sense) by how well packaged everything was. In order to preserve the freshness of the bags, they had been sealed in an aluminum bag, which released the pleasant smell of fresh tea once I ripped it open.

The Imperial Earl Grey is just that - imperial. It is rich, with a distinctive taste of Ceylon tea leaves, the distinctive signature of Russian teas. What makes it more special is the subtle addition of Bergamot leaves and cornflower blossom, which add a pleasant note to the beverage. Drinking a cup automatically transported me back to my days in Russia, or to the tea times observed at home or at my Russian friend's homes. It's crazy how our memories get triggered, right? I really like this tea, and even my friend Lyna - who is not too big on Earl Grey tea, has found herself loving this one. We've been enjoying several cups in the last days, and I cannot wait to try the rest of their line of teas.

  • Wissotzky Tea was founded in 1894 in Russia
  • All their tea plants are located in Israel
  • They manufacture all types of regular teas, herbal teas, and fruit teas
  • They offer a range of recipes on their website on how to make that perfect cup of tea.
  • They are really big on tea time, and provide many tips and information on the culture of tea.
Disclaimer: I wasn't approached by Wissotzky tea to talk to you about their teas. I just stumbled upon their brand in stores. No compensation or gift was received in exchange for this honest review. I just wanted to share with you an awesome tea and hope you enjoy this series!

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