Welcome to the second part of our journey to San Antonio! If you missed Part 1 of our adventures, make sure to check it out!
After leaving Hico, we realized that our phones were still out of range. We were left with no functioning GPS and had to rely on the directions given to us by the kind people of Hico. We assumed that keeping straight on 281 would eventually lead us to Austin and then to Fredericksburg (remember, at that time we still thought we were heading there). So we drove.

The drive was long. There wasn't much to see for miles, except dry and empty spaces. We missed the turn to Fredericksburg at this point, and the day was slowly winding when we finally made a U-turn and found ourselves in Llano. We were very fortunate that our tank lasted for as long as we were driving, considering that there were no nearby gas stations and the nearest inhabitants were miles apart one another. Lyna was amazed to find out that there were still parts in the US were cellular service was unavailable. We joked a lot about moving in these remote parts of the world, all the while looking for the nearby city. We listened a lot to the playlists I had made for this trip, singing along to Phil Collins "You'll Be In My Heart" or the very popular duo Enrique Iglesias/Whitney Houston "Could I Have This Kiss Forever". The playlist included a variety of rnb/pop songs which included artists such as Taylor Swift, One Direction, Pitbull, NeYo...to name the few. The music really helped us keeping our spirits up. Arriving in Llano enabled us to refill our tank and stumble onto a local pizzeria - of which I plan to write a proper review. So make sure not to miss it!

We replenished our energy with a can of soda and a few slices of freshly baked pizza. I even took the time to exchange a few words with the owner of the joint, Tommy. There are so many things I loved about the place, and even though I would have never gone to Llano, I was happy we ended up there and then, around our wooden table, outdoors, enjoying great food and basking in a nice spring-like weather. Because we didn't want to be on the road at night, we decided to not linger any further, and parting from Tommy and his lovely pizzeria, we drove away from Llano, happy for this unexpected encounter and relieved at the sight of a sign pointing us towards Austin...

Side Note: As we were traveling, I was in the middle of reading The Mystical Backpacker and there were so many passages that spoke to me, making me see this whole trip under a new light, and be appreciative for having gone out of our comfort zone, for taking the road less traveled. With Lyna, we talked a lot during out trip. I guess that is the whole point of going on a roadtrip with friends. You talk. Like a lot. You scream, you sing, you get at times frustrated, but then you laugh and share a lot too. I think we gained a lot from this short trip, and we learned a lot more about ourselves and about each other. We were more appreciative of the things we had, and of the things to come. As we were passing Llano on that day a line from the book resonnated with me all along... "Even the smallest of trips can afford the opportunity for a complete transformation to occur" . And we were feeling it and living it.


  1. Would love to have a slice of this pizza! Great pics; really enjoy this series. I hope that there will be a third part!


  2. Thank you, Anouk! There will be at least 2 or 3 more parts to this series. Glad you're enjoying them!


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