Today was the 23rd annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K run in the Greater Fort Worth area. This was my second 5K event since I started to run, and my first of the year.
Although it was only 3.1 miles, the path chosen by the Komen team was quite challenging - with steep heels at every other corner. I remember thinking "goodness, is it over yet?" only to find out that I had only ran a mile! It was more challenging than the Color Run I did last year, and somewhat less fun too. Although they had a mini concert, I just didn't feel the same energy and happiness from the crowd as I did at the Color Run. People came, ran or walked and left. You didn't feel the bond between runners - everyone was focused on themselves instead of making this experience a memorable one.  I don't know but it definitely wasn't as fun as last year, and I think I will not be running this race in the future.

On a bright side, I was able to clock my run for the day, donate to a cause and also start the day on a great note. I am looking forward to participating in more runs in the future and hopefully building resistance. 
Are you a fellow runner? What was your last run like?


  1. Well done for completing the race!

  2. bravo, je suis fière de toi :)
    Pour l'année prochaine peut-être une course autre que celle là...


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