Not so long ago, my friend Lyna and I decided to skip town for the weekend. The goal was to reach Fredericksburg, as small town in the South of Texas, known for its wine. It is the place to go for a good wine tour. Helas! we didn't reach it, ending up instead in San Antonio, with a big detour through the countryside. But we managed to explore the back-country and discover new (and interesting!) spots which otherwise would have been left unknown to us. Here is part 1 of our adventures.

We were running late for our own escapade. We were supposed to leave home by 7AM in order to make it to our destination by 11AM the latest, but with a late start there was no point in stressing over when we would get to our original destination. So tea was made, donuts were grabbed, the tank was filled and since Fort Worth has recently opened a new tollway road, we decided to take it in order to reach Fredericksburg faster. Little did we know that only an hour away, we would be out of range and left to fend for each other.

Without a functionning GPS, we had no idea how to proceed next, in order to reach Austin, TX. So we drove into this little town called Hico, heading to the gas station for directions. 
Did you know?
Hico is a small city located in Hamilton county in Central Texas. The town motto is "Where Everybody Is Somebody!"Over the years, it became a cattle and cotton market. Today ranching and tourism dominate the local economy.

People were nice to direct us to the right path and before we were going to leave the premises, my eyes caught a somewhat old house, with a big banner which read "Wiseman House Chocolates". We knew we just had to make a stop there and try their chocolates.

Stepping inside was like stepping into a 19 century jewelry box - only instead of jewels, we were surrounded by a mirriad of different types of homemade chocolates. The Wiseman House, besides its chocolate business, also sells handmade quilts, cookbooks, greeting cards, soaps imported from France and other home goodies that will catch your eye. But our eyes were set on the candy...

We bought a sampler box of truffles and chocolate dipped strawberries and took place outside to taste our acquisitions as well as welcome the warmth of the day. The truffles were very rich, I wasn't able to eat more than two! But they were good. The strawberries were a killer. The ladies working there were very nice, and did not mind a bit when I walked in with my camera.They were also kind to provide advice on the truffles and other goodies found in the store.

Armed with our chocolates and our new directions, we hopped back in the car, and drove away, bidding the small town a goodbye.

406 Grubbs St, Hico, TX 76457
(866) 460-3571


  1. I considered doing this route a couple of years ago! But then I ended up doing California again because I love LA so much. Hope you will share more photos of this trip so I can get a better idea of what I could see when I eventually do this trip. The chocolates are already a very good reason...

  2. Oh! I have yet to make it to the East Coast! :D This was a spur of the moment kind of trip and it ended up being very fun, despite the few hiccups we ran into on our way there and back. I will share more of our trip in the next couple of days :)


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