When the weather doesn't seem to agree with you, leaning more on the cold side, nothing cures best the nasty cold and damp weather than a steaming bowl of authentic Japanese ramen. At barely 5PM we escaped work to seek refuge in this eclectic ramen shop off Camp Bowie Blvd. Because, let's face it, there is nothing better than sharing the warmth of a good broth at Hanabi than with a good friend.

We were pretty much the first to arrive for dinner. As usual Hanabi was welcoming with it's cleanness and beautiful tones of red and black that married well the wooden furniture and floor. We were seated at one corner of the restaurant, giving us an ample vue of the place. Asian music was playing in the background, giving the restaurant a very Asiatic feel. Our server soon arrived presenting us with the redesigned menus. I opted for a new ramen specialty - the seafood ramen, whereas LeBlanc went for the traditional pork-belly (without the pork) ramen.

Soon our food arrived and it was as good as we remembered! I must say Hanabi is by far my favorite place to visit when it is cold and wet outside. There is something about a warm bowl of soup that just does the trick and instantly lifts my spirits. Also knowing that the food is pretty authentic, adds a bonus. I know that because I had brought my Japanese friend (Natsumi) over to try a bowl and she confirmed on its quality. Another hint: the restaurant is always a hub for local asians to meet and eat, which in my book is a good sign!

The seafood ramen was quite interesting and delicious. I loved the variaety of seafood inside the bowl and also the perfect cooking time that they had been subjected to, whether it be shrimp, squid or mussels. In the end there was a lot of soup remaining and we had our server box them to go. If you ever end up in Fort Worth, I'd suggest you give this restaurant a try, especially if you are a soup kind of person. This bowl is totally worth the price asked and the quality will leave you dreaming of the next time you will be able to come back.

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3204 Camp Bowie Blvd, 
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Fort Worth, TX
$-$$ (Average)


  1. The food and the restaurant look great. I've may have had ramen once... Unfortunately sushi seems to be the only popular Japanese dish where I live.


  2. Yes usually sushi is the staple. I am glad that there are other more traditional japanese restaurants opening around. On your next trip to New York, you should look for one :) What is the most famous cuisine of Luxembourg?

  3. Ça donne envie en tout cas :)
    Au fait, as-tu déjà mangé la salade de wakame (d'algue)? Moi j'adore ^^ Par contre ils ne le font jamais sur place je crois...

  4. Lux has its own traditional cuisine which revolves around soups, meat dishes (which I don't eat) and potatoes. Most restaurants serve however French and Italian dishes. You should stop by one day and we go out for dinner!

  5. ouiiii et j'adore! Et tu as raison, ils n'en font pas sur place, mais que c'est bon!

  6. Yes! Totally! I will plan a trip to Lux and let you know. Would love to meet you :D


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