Happy First Day of March, Everyone!

February was very short, I barely had time to say "Hello" that it was time to say "Goodbye". Oh well. I am also happy to start March, as it is a new opportunity to get things going, and all for the best! February was a rough month in the sense that I didn't get much done on the creative front, faced a terrible cold, got snowed in and had a huge amount of work to catch up on. So yeah...I am glad it is all behind now. Looking forward going back to the gym tomorrow, pick up running again and even write daily. I sort of pledged to write at least one page a day. As far as blogging goes, I have a lot in mind and hopefully I can be more consistent here as well. 

The snow is melting again, and temperatures are to go up a bit during the week. I am really looking forward for the temperatures to stop changing drastically from day to day! 

Image Source: Life Captured Inc.
I recently came across Ronnie's Life Project blog where she encourages everyone to document their daily life through the use of words and visuals. Every month she offers prompts to guide you in this task, and I must say I decided to try my hand at it this month as see how it goes. I will share some of the prompts with you, and others will be documented in my personal journal. I also need to start printing my photos, and so I hope this will help me do it.

Image Source: Daarboven
I've been trying to cultivate a minimalistic lifestyle for a couple of months now, after contemplating the idea for many years. There is just something liberating about it all. The whole concept that less is more pushes you to have some perspective in everything you do - hence it goes hand in hand of this desire to live life with intent. Remember a while back I talked to you about Jessica and her awesome blog which covers mostly the art of the 5 Piece French wardrobe? Well I had asked her to address the whole process from the beginner's stand-point as to how and where to start? Luckily, Jessica has been very sweet and very helpful, and recently released a post (as promised!) on just that! So if like me you've been wondering how to go about starting your 5 Piece French Wardrobe, ask no more and instead read Jessica's blog here.

Image Source: Tea With Me
Well hello there dark chocolate raspberry Cabernet truffles! I mean I cannot believe how good they look! Heather did a wonderful job and guess what? She even shared the recipe on her blog accompanied by deliciously looking pictures. I just love her recipes and the list of everything I need to try from her side of the world just keeps getting longer and longer...

Image Source: Wanderlust
In the same spirit of minimalism and intentional living, I found this post by Rebecca  very inspiring and recommend you read it too :)
I have been following the corps de ballet of the New York City Ballet for a year now and I love what they do (they even have a mini series which you can watch on Youtube). So when I heard that Justin Peck was going to choreograph a ballet and that the whole process was going to be turned into a movie, a part of me almost died of happiness. And so I bought the ticket to go see it! I think everyone should see this movie, even if you are a ballet newbie. Justin and the corps did a great job and I really hope to see his performances live one day. Anyway, check out if the movie is playing in your city and go! You won't regret it ;)


  1. I like the post about minimalist living, something I aspire to as well. Looking forward to part 2. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Glad you enjoyed this article, Anouk :)


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