Since my last morning reflection post, I have been intentionally getting up early. Of course now it;s more of a 5AM affair than a 4AM thing. I find it to be easier as time goes by to adjust to this new routine. And I am really liking it. There is something about the calm of the early mornings, before any of my neighbors have risen, that is just magic. It is a very unique feeling that I am not sure if I can transcribe to the perfection. It is just a moment filled with so much peace and promises of all the things the upcoming day has in store for us. 

Currently obsessed with Clipper tea. Stocked up on many boxes of Earl Grey and English Breakfast.

Waking up this early is not a chore anymore, I feel less attached to my bed, which is a good thing. It would be unfortunate to miss such quiet moments that can be used to reflect, and plan ahead. At first I thought I'd use this time to catch up on my school work, but then I was reminded that I have all the time during the day to do that. So instead, I've brewed myself a cup of Earl Grey, ate a banana with peanut butter on top, and wrote a few paragraphs for my chapter 13. So far, the writing is going well. Chapter 13 will probably need to be split in two, because it is getting too long (I'm aiming at roughly between 1000 and 12000 words per chapter). I am happy to be writing again. Doing so while the head is still fresh and not totally awaken, had been quite the way to go.

Currently my morning routine looks a little bit like this:

5:00 AM - Wake up
5:10 AM - Shower and get dressed for the day
5:30 AM - Listen to the radio while checking my email box, twitter and Facebook. I have been listening a lot of RFI (the French version of BBC Radio).
6:00 AM - Brew myself a cupa and glue my but to the chair. Start writing.
7:00 AM - Drink more hot tea, while planning the day, write a blog post if needed, eat that banana.
7:30 AM - Head out to work.

Of course it is not always to the T, but it's about what has been happening for the last couple of days. I might try to get up at 4AM in the future, just to have more time to do more things for myself. I also bought a new journal, but that will be the subject of my next blog ;)

Anyway, off I go!

Do you have a morning routine?


  1. Woah. Way inspired! 4 am???? That's amazing. I'm doing great to roll out of bed at 6:30 and out the door to work at 7:05!

  2. haha I used to do that too, Ashley - especially since I live 10min walking distance from my work. But getting up earlier is a good way to take the time to wake up in the proper manner, without rushing and get day started on a good note ;)

  3. I love getting up early but since I also love being up late, it's a constant conflict as I need 8 hours sleep. Great that you manage to get up at 5 am; there is something so victorious about being an early bird.


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