Oh hey! It is Mardi Gras today!
This year I decided to play the game and bake the famous La Galette des Rois or what Americans call "King Cake". I always assumed there was one standard recipe for this cake, but as of yesterday, I learned that the Southerners make it completely different and cover it all in icing! We are having a Mardi Gras party at the office today and so I will get to try this Southern version of the cake. Needless to say that I am very intrigued. I did however bake the traditional cake - which I am taking to work so there is a variety.

So what is Mardi Gras?
Mardi Gras is a series of event in the form of Carnival beginning on the day or after Epiphany or King's day and ending at Ash Wednesday. The name Mardi Gras literally translates to Tuesday Fat (or in English: Fat Tuesday). The name comes from fattening the calf and feasting on it (originally, a fattened calf was slaughtered as a Mardi Gras feast); Tuesday is always the day that precedes the beginning of Lent (which starts on Ash Wednesday). Mardi Gras has different roots, both being Christian and pagan. In fact, the Christian roots come from the Lent season, which if you are aware of, starts tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. So today is pretty much the occasion for Christians to eat a lot in preparation of the long fast that is awaiting them. As for the pagan roots, it is linked to the fact that the Roman calendar started at the beginning of March. For them, the beginning of the year was a synonym of the renewal of the Nature and that was cause for celebration!
I used a wine cork to create my "fève" for the cake

So when is it celebrated?
Well if you are looking for the exact day to mark your calendar, you are in for a surprise! Mardi Gras does not have a fixed day, and the date changes every year! The date is based on when Easter will be that year. So sometimes it is celebrated in February - like today, or in March! 

Bottom line, Mardi Gras today is a lot of fun! You get to party and eat as much as you want! You don't have to be of a Catholic faith to partake in this celebration. Everyone is welcome to the table and to share the fun! I hope that next Mardi Gras, I can go to New Orleans for some French immersion time!  It is supposed to be a lot of fun!

Also, for this recipe of the Galette des Rois, I referred to the glorious David Lebovitz recipe, after making the puff pastry. I prefer to make my own dough rather than buy it (yes I am that kind of girl). I will make sure to share with you next week the recipe for this really easy dough which you can make beforehand and store until needed!

Do you celebrate Mardi Gras? What is your favorite thing of this celebration?


  1. We don't celebrate mardi gras where I live. Unfortunately, as there can't be enough reasons to celebrate, can there? :) The galette des rois is popular in my country as well, but we only eat it and get to buy it in shops during the first week of January. Yours looks delicious!


  2. oh really? I would have thought that Luxembourg would be a Catholic country and thus Mardi Gras would be celebrated. I guess I learned a new fact today :D And no, there can't be enough reasons to celebrate, Anouk!
    As for the Galette des Rois, yes it should be eaten in January, but since they eat it here for Mardi Gras (although their King Cake is apparently very much different), I jumped on the occasion to make one! Thank you for stopping by <3

  3. I never knew the meaning of Mardi Gras, Thanks for sharing. That looks delicious!




  4. Yes, we celebrate most Catholic holidays but Mardi Gras is not one of them... I've heard that there is a big party in New Orleans for this day. It would be great to experience that once in my life :)

  5. Oh I see! :) Well that's good to know! And yes, I have heard the same about New Orleans, hence I want to make it there one day to join the festivities :D

  6. You are very welcome! Thank you for stopping by ;)

  7. Moi non plus je ne savais pas qu'il y' avait différentes versions, après je ne m'y suis jamais intéressée.
    La tienne a l'air divine miam miam ^^


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