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Last night we celebrated the birthday of one of the first year's - JLo, and everyone met at Capital Bar for more celebration. It was my first time at this bar - which happens to be only a few blocks away from my home, and I was really pleased by the choice of venue.

Since it's a bar, you have to be +21 to be admitted. There is a bouncer that makes sure you meet the requirements. I have yet to get my state ID and as such, am always carrying around my passport. Oh well! Maybe soon I will manage to drag myself down to the driver's license center. I didn't stay too  long, a mere 2 hours dancing, but it was fun. I saw most of my friends and acquaintances which I haven't seen since beginning of December -- if not longer. And it is always good to reunite with old and new friends.
What were you doing last night?
Josh + I playing it cool.
Me + My lovely Iranian
As you can see, Capital Bar is not just a bar; in fact it hosts live country music and has a dance floor where you can stretch your legs. We danced so much! I could barely feel my legs when I reached my bed. One thing I loved about the bar, was that the dance floor is actually on their open patio, which they have "closed" for winter. There are heating stations throughout the patio which makes you forget that you are in fact dancing outside and not inside a building. The DJ that night was pretty good, and everyone was having a hell of a good time! The only downside was that it was a smoking-friendly (on the patio/dancefloor) bar; but then again, it's kind of expected from a bar, isn't it? 

I'm definitely coming back for more.

Capital Bar
3017 Morton Street, 
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 820-0049

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  1. This looks like a place that I would love to go out to! Nice that you got to spend a fun time with your friends.

  2. Well Anouk, if you ever venture to this side of the pond, I will make sure to take you to Capital Bar! ;)
    And yes, spending time with friends is always time well spent!


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