For some reason I woke up extremely early today. We're talking about 3:30 AM. I tried to curl back under my soft comforter and clock in a few more hours, but to no avail. I did not get up right away; instead I stretched underneath my covers and picked up the reading of The Mystical Backpacker. It was a very nice way to slowly wake up. It is funny how in these instances where the whole world around you is sound asleep,  you are happy to have good friends who live across the pond, and whom you can call or text without worrying about waking them up. I texted my best friend and we talked a little. I also chatted with a good friend who is visiting home at the moment.

Outside the rain has been gracing us with its presence. I am amazed to see we haven't hit winter at all so far. The weather is being pretty lenient on us. Tomorrow we will be back in the 19+ degrees Celcius and I will gladly enjoy strolling around town in my summer clothes. Good thing I didn't put them away!

On another note, I haven't been writing much this past week and a half. My last word entry goes back to January 10! I feel bad, because I really could have probably written half of my book by now. And having a wonderful support system on Twitter makes me feel even more guilty because not only did I let myself down, I sort of let them down too. I have about 10 days before we hit February, and so, I should try to write everyday for the rest of this month. Maybe I'll even catch up on my word count?

As I am sitting here and drinking my morning tea, I am making mental notes for myself on things I want to accomplish today and in the upcoming days. Things like grant submission, finish my afghan, write letters, pay bills, renew my gym membership, start my indoor garden, go on long walks, write, pick up drawing again.


  1. Funny someone told me today that they were up at 4 am this morning... this rarely happens to me. Hope you will find the motivation to keep on writing. Sometimes the best way is to break the chain and just do it.

  2. Thank you for your motivational speech, Anouk! I guess that's what I'll just have to do! :D As for waking up early, it's been hapenning a lot since we started a new year, but never this early. Usually I'm up by 6AM...

  3. Hi Colette! Maybe this helps:
    Just out of curiosity, where do you live? Hope you have a great day!

  4. Thank you for your link, Mariuca! I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas (USA) ;)


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