This year winter has been pretty much inexistent. We are about to start the second week of January and there is no sight of snow. I remember last year, by this time we were snowed in and it was hard to go anywhere. Well I miss that snow. It was something nice to look at and to walk in. Now, we are just good for gray, windy, cold and wet days. Not how I hoped to spend winter. I think this is how people living in the Washington state must feel most of the time -- and it's quite depressing, to be honest.

Going back to work this week was nice, although a bit slow, as we are again in the brainstorming phase for the upcoming research project. And that is not always fun, not when I have to read gazillion manuscripts that could help me answer questions for my own project and help shape my next manuscript. I like to get my hands dirty and be in the lab running experiments. Not really reading about them. The upcoming week however is looking good as we will be having some outside visitors. Definitely looking forward to it. New experiences await!

This weekend has been low key, spent writing, reading, cooking with one of my girlfriends and running experiments in the lab.

How was your week? Did you do anything special this weekend?
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Remember me talking about being more mindful of everything we do? Well Anna does a little bit of that by addressing an issue that I'm sure, we all face. We all compare ourselves to someone; may they be a personality, our neighbor or even a fictional character. Anna discusses all of that in her new article Let's Start Celebrating Realness, which I think, is a must read.

Kind of been thinking of taking the plunge and join this reading challenge. What do you think?

Every time I hear (or read) people mention the Black Forest cake I tend to be very critical of their promises. The reason is that when you've had the original cake most of your life, all the knockoffs are just that.  But I am always hopeful that they will deliver. And looks like the recipe Cat shared on her blog might just do that. I'm definitely trying it soon!
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Remember those New Years resolution we've all made? Whether it be by making a list of goals we wanted to achieve or pick a word that would inspire us for the rest of the year? How is that going? Are you already having trouble sticking to them? Well Brooke Klauer got us covered.
This year seems to be the year of change for most of us. I know I want to get more out of life and break free from all the constrains life throws at me. I want to make choices that matter and that make me a better person as well as enable me to live a fuller, more meaningful life. I really liked Rebecca's idea of intentional living and I think it is important we all take some time to think what should living intentionally look like in our life.


  1. Great links; I read the post about intentional living and realness and found them inspiring. And now you've got me look forward to your Black Forest cake! :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Anouk! I need to share someday (when an event will call for it) the original Black Forest cake recipe. It is filled with promises that do deliver :)
    Have a good rest of the weekend!

  3. Chez nous il avait neigé quelques fois.
    Hier la température été agréable, comme au printemps :D
    Perso je ne prends jamais de bonnes résolutions pour le nouvel an :P

  4. hahaha est-ce parce que tu as peur de ne pas les accomplir? :P Mais c'est vrai que prendre des résolutions est assez risqué :P Sinon tu as de la chance alors avec le climat en Allemagne! Hier on a quand même eu droit à un beau temps! Dommage que j'étais au travail toute la journée :(

  5. bah en général certains en prennent pour ne pas les tenir en fin de compte XD
    Je préfère prendre une résolution peu importe quand parce que je suis vraiment motivée que d'absolument attendre le 1 janvier pour me fixer des trucs juste parce qu'une nouvelle année commence et sans avoir la vraie motivation nécessaire :D


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