Sisters Kate from Clear The Way and Gillian from Chez Gillian put together a new collaboration and I just had to join them! 

The 12 Lists series is a monthly list-making series for those who love writing lists but are unable to commit to making a new one each week like the ever-popular 52 Lists series. Each month we decide on a topic, write our lists accordingly, and invite you to write and share your own list on your blog.

  • Freshly baked bread
  • Clean laundry
  • The cool smell of winter mornings
  • Rain on the asphalt
  • Freshly brewed coffee
  • Baby powder
  • Clean bathroom 
  • Chanel's Mademoiselle Coco
  • Pine
  • Men's white musk colognes 
You can check out Kate's list here and Gillian's here.
Feel free to join the party!


  1. Since my sense of smell is underdeveloped, I'd find this one a bit of a challenge. I agree with you on clean laundry and baby powder. And I'd add JPG's perfume Le male to that. Have a good weekend!


  2. Oh I have smelled JLP and you are totally right - it is a very nice male smell :D Maybe next week's list prompt will be more up your alley, Anouk!


  3. So nice to see we have some similar ones here. And nice to see you joining in! You're so right about cool Winter mornings.

  4. j'aime aussi l'odeur du linge propre aka l'odeur de l'adoucissant :D et du pain frais

    celui de mon copain après la douche
    du parfum d'eau issey de issey miyaki
    du melon, de la pêche, la fraise
    des amandes grillées dans du sucre (genre caramel) aka l'odeur du marché de noel
    de l'aneth
    l'huile de coco
    et de la pizza fraichement cuite

  5. I love your list! The rain on the asphalt is such a good one, that's my favorite part of the "new rain" smell too. I'm so glad you're taking part! :-)

  6. Thank you, Kate! Really enjoying this series so far!


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