I am not a very burger-kind of person. Sure I will eat some if circumstances call for it, but it is not my first choice of food, nor is it something I crave for. Scratch that. It is not something I craved for. Rodeo Goat changed my perception of burgers. I still remember the first time I stepped into this local restaurant. I was with my girlfriends Cherise and Victoria for lunch. We were excited to try this new place to us. It took us a while to figure out what we wanted because there was so much to choose from! In the end we ordered three different burgers so that we could try them all, as well as the surprise French fries. There wasn't much of a surprise there - fries over chili. If you are into that combo, go ahead and try it, if not, pass on the sides. The burgers are bound to take all your attention anyway. It was a great eat out, and I have been going back since, and dragging friends with me every chance I get. Today I thought I'd introduce it to you.

The most recent escapade to Rodeo Goat was with my two friends, Nop (visiting from Boston) and Ritu. We were really hungry and were craving for some serious burger business. One thing we love about Rodeo Goat, is that their burgers accommodate every diet: from vegan to carnal. There is a burger for everyone. Prices range from $2 up to $13-15 between sides, burgers, appetizers and greens (drinks not included).
Dr. Pepper. My drink of choice. I usually prefer diet Dr. Pepper, but they don't carry it at the joint. Instead they have Diet Coke. This is the only time you will catch me drinking soda. Because Soda goes so well with Burgers (right?)

The menu. I love how every week (or month?) they have a "Battle of The Burger" on the menu. The competing burgers change with time. One order = One vote. I tend to order from there when I want to try something new, be adventurous with my burgers.
Sugar Burger. This is by far one of my favorite burgers! I can't say how often I order it. It's my "safe" choice. It sounds strange, but it is very good. Loaded with caramelized oignions, peaches, bacon  among other things, this bad boy comes highly recommended to you by me.
See how excited I was about my food? This is what happiness looks like

If you happen to be in Fort Worth, Texas, make sure to stop by this burger place. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. That looks DE-licious! Especially the fries...YUM!
    (and thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog) :)

    1. It was my pleasure, Elisavetha! Thank you for stopping by too :)


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